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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Rick Geisel

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The current data in the United States surrounding mathematics shows that there are issues that must be addressed with teaching and learning math in the K-12 setting. In the perfect world, all students would meet grade level expectations in math prior to moving to another grade; however, this is not what is taking place. Students are not meeting proficiency, and as a result teachers and students alike are not gaining confidence in teaching/learning mathematics. This project looks at the Math Workshop Model as being one alternative to the more traditional teaching practices that are used today in the ABC School District. Through a review of literature, this project identifies four components of an effective Math Workshop Model, specifically geared for elementary aged students. Furthermore, a continuous professional development plan is established with resources such as surveys, data tracking spreadsheets, formative assessments, a slideshow presentation, professional development calendars/outlooks, and documents that support the implementation of the Math Workshop Model.