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Education-Higher Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Moira Ozias

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When studying the gendered and racialized experiences of Black women in higher education, research often focuses solely on faculty members as opposed to student affairs professionals. However, lack of support for Black women student affairs professionals leads to many developing racial battle fatigue. This project explores the effects of the intersection of oppressive systems on Black women student affairs professionals' journey through graduate school to the professional work setting. The implementation of a mentor sister circle program supported by higher education administration is proposed to provide this demographic with needed support during graduate school. The designed mentor program features an activity to build rapport between mentees and mentors, opportunities for professional development, and provides participants with a platform to voice their experiences to potential allies. Once completed, participants will be able to name a community of mentors and allies to assist them with discovering much needed self-care practices in the profession of student affairs.