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Education-Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Catherine Meyer-Looze

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Expectations for school safety and performance are at historically high levels and educational policy climates are rapidly changing. Agencies are needing to quickly adapt to the Supreme Court decisions in B ostock and prepare for the impending executive transition. Disparate treatment and outcomes for LGBTQ students and educators will persist absent contextualized, codified and strategic policy adoption, implementation and operationalization agendas. This project argues for policy makers, district officials and school leaders to critically engage in efforts to stabilize workforce and in-school protections for LGBTQ stakeholders. This is achieved via clarifying and codifying organizational priorities, building collective efficacy for intervention and developing pragmatic solutions to overcome barriers to intervention.

An underleveraged cohort of the teacher workforce, this project provides teacher preparation programs with an integrative model of LGBTQ-specific professional development for their preservice candidates. The training is embedded with experiences, resources and tools that are proven to improve not only the efficacy of educational professionals but also the likelihood that they will engage in LGBTQ-supportive practices in the future. The integrative framework of policy adoption, implementation and operationalization offered in this project, while specific to Michigan’s institutions of higher education, can b e utilized and adapted to in-service educators and larger state and agency-level analyses and planning.

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