Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

Degree Program

School of Computing and Information Systems

First Advisor

Dr. Byron DeVries

Academic Year



Can principles from software engineering and concepts from cloud computing be applied to and aid in the development of a small project, specifically improving the use of the Revised Self-Report Assessment of Functional Visual Performance (R-SRAFVP)? The target for this project is to create a new application and improve on existing attempts to move the R-SRAFVP assessment from an electronic document format to a web-based application. The new application should provide better ease of use, simplicity in design and understanding for use, and hopefully increased access and adoption by Occupation Therapists who specialize in low vision rehabilitation. The benefits of using cloud computing would be to reduce costs (e.g., website vs. stores), implement scalable resources, reduce technical complexity (e.g., single code base for all device platforms, single deployment for production, etc.), enable cross-platform use (same source for all device platforms for use) and reuse cloud services instead of having to re-develop them. The discipline for the project is to show how using software engineering concepts engages the stakeholders, confirms requirements, forces design reviews, aids in the reduction of development rework, establishes the need for testing and, hopefully, mitigates surprises found in small projects not using software engineering concepts.