Passenger Rail Service, Michigan, Community Benefits




Rail passenger service is perceived to provide important benefits to Michigan communities. The extent of these benefits has never been quantified in a systematic way, therefore the main objective of this grant is to fund a research project that will estimate the full range of these direct and indirect benefits at the communitry level and to develop approaches that the MDOT can utilize to incorporate the findings into their Transportation Mangement System. It is understood that rail passenger services provide important additional benefits to the state and the region in terms of congestion relief, air quality improvement, and energy conservation. These benefits will be discussed in the final report, but statewide and regional benefits will not be quantified.

Overall it is our belief and our objective to prove that this initiative can be useful to local communities and the state in supporting the continuation or expansion of these services, and in turn better the involved Michigan communities.

Funding: Michigan Department of Transportation - $120,000

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