The rising rates of autism diagnosis among children is becoming a topic of growing interest among many arms of the research community. The most recent CDC data and statistics suggests that the prevalence of autism in the US is about 11.3 per 1000 children; this equates to about 1 in every 88 births (CDC, 2012). The trending increase in prevalence has increased the need for autism research greatly. So much is unknown about the nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) that there is a seemingly endless range of subject matter for pertinent research. There is currently such a surge of autism related research being published that it is often difficult to discern what are the most significant discoveries. Investigators from many disciplines are seeking answers to questions including; possible treatments, the accuracy of current diagnostic criteria, pathology, epidemiology, economic impact, and risk factors for the disorder. This paper will review my independent study on the current state of research in ASD, media controversy surrounding autism, as well as explore future possibilities and advancements.

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