American education, curriculum, Michigan World History and Geography Content Expectations (WHGCEs)




For most of its history the American education system has focused on Western culture and history. However, current Michigan school students are witnessing a profound change in this traditional focus, because of new graduation requirements implemented recently. My intention with this Senior Thesis Project is to conduct research into how this shift in curriculum is being seen in current American education, with a particular focus on the teaching of the Michigan World History and Geography Content Expectations (WHGCEs). Since October 2008, the Michigan Board of Education has changed the state social science requirements for high school graduation to include detailed content on China and East Asia. This has also had an impact on middle school students, because the earliest eras of the new WHGCEs are being taught to middle school students across the state, mainly in Grades 6 and 7. I believe that this trend deserves attention because it is a unique occurrence in American education history. I hope that my research will be able to offer an insight into this recent curricular shift, and the impact it is having on teachers and students.

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