Professor Lipford


In this project, I initially intend to compare the rates between three airports and their common destinations for the purpose of recording any differences established as operationally significant to this topic. I expect this data to suggest the Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) to have higher rates than Chicago's O'Hare (ORD) or Detroit's Metropolitan (DTW) airport. I will assess any difference between my results and surveys of GRR done in the past to note any changes in airfares.

After describing airfare variation, I will hypothesize the relationship between the airfare at GRR and the factors in which impact it most strongly, such as landing fees. To do this most effectively I plan to first interpret the lasting effects of past relationships on airfares through such relationships by bringing court cases and Board decisions into context. From here, I would like to assess the current situation at GRR and provide a prediction of future airfares.

I will submit the data concerning the current airfares in my final project, along with my study of the factors impacting the airport in the past and my prediction of which factors will continue to be expressed in the state of the airfares in the future. This project is of particular importance because GRR continues to lose potential traffic to larger airports due to its rates. In addition, this airport offers an invaluable look into the aviation industry, both because of its size and its involvement in a Supreme Court case that would leave a lasting impact on the relationship between airport management and airlines for years to come.