In the current nation dialogue, birth control is a hot button topic. As it becomes increasingly important for couples to plan the number and timing of their children, it is often considered among couples what forms of birth control may be best for them. Surprisingly, one type of controlling birth that is often not considered is what is known as Natural Family Planning. Primary and secondary sources are presented to provide an objective analysis of artificial and natural forms of controlling birth. Three forms of Natural Family Planning are presented in addition to most common forms of artificial birth control. Aspects compared include mechanism of action, method-effectiveness, use-effectiveness, any potential side effects, and cost. Overall, it is found that Natural Family Planning may very well provide the best way for many couples to control birth, yet it has virtually no mainstream support from health care providers or other organizations the promote the use of birth control. The reasons for this apparent prejudice are considered. Additionally, the potential and indirect benefits of using Natural Family Planning are analyzed and presented.