technology, e-learning, m-learning


Since its appearance in classrooms of higher education, the question has been asked, “does modern technology enhance the learning process, or does it weaken it?” Several studies have undertaken to determine this scientifically for a particular realm or subset of modern technologies – such as laptop computers, or presentation software. Unfortunately, such studies, when viewed individually, often provide ambivalent conclusions about modern technologies in general when taken in the context of the college classroom. Anecdotal evidence by professors and students alike complicate the matter by presenting viewpoints which often conflict with existing studies and prevailing practices. So, what is the answer? Do modern technologies belong in the classroom or not? The answer is neither direct, nor simple. This paper will reference several studies, anecdotal evidence, and theory with the intent of demonstrating the potential drawbacks of modern technologies to the learning process in classrooms of higher education. In this examination, several modern technologies such as presentation software, wireless laptop computers, cell phones, and smart phones will be considered.