I arrived to college in my first year as a sophomore, accepted to the Seidman College of Business and with a firm Christian foundation. And I had a plan. That plan was to figure it out. The challenge for all college students is to understand what “it” is. Given the importance of a college degree and the power of habits developed during this time, the college years have a powerful impact on at least the near future of one’s career, if not beyond. Unlike my initial thoughts, “it” was not an undying passion to solve some terrible problem in the world. “It” was the development of a mature worldview and a deep sense of character and purpose. “It” was not a passion, but the ability to deploy resources built during these college years. Drawing on personal experience and discussion of sources covering topics essential to developing “it” during the college years, this paper seeks to deliver a general roadmap for developing the sense of character and purpose any young person should identify in college, based on a solid worldview foundation.