Arts and Humanities


Central focus

The central focus of this thesis is to examine the historical and sociopolitical roots of famine. In examining the root causes of famine, we can more carefully analyze its effects on the human condition. More specifically, in analyzing the pathologies associated with food deprivation and malnutrition at an early age, we can examine the possible long-term consequences of malnutrition on human health. In doing so, we can apply this understanding to the current crisis in South Sudan, to consider the implications that the current political situation presents for future generations of South Sudanese people.

Thesis rationale

This thesis needs to be done because the country of South Sudan is currently on the verge of both genocide and famine. As a future physician and conscious global citizen, it is important that I be able to look at the possible consequences of sociopolitical disaster on a population’s health and understand the implications that these circumstances create for future generations. This thesis is unique because it not only presents and examines scientific knowledge in order to draw conclusions regarding pathological effects of famine, but it also incorporates both historical and sociopolitical analyses to provide a full understanding of the issue.