RefuTea, LLP creates unique Michigan teas by using Bhutanese refugees who resettle to the U.S. and are expert tea farmers as a result of their cultural upbringing. The tea is grown in greenhouses, where refugees process, create specialty blends, and hand-package high quality tea. RefuTea has partnered with Bethany Christian Services, a refugee resettlement agency, as well as an organization created by Bethany Christian Services, called Hope Farms, which is an urban incubator farm. Both are located in Grand Rapids, MI. The concept behind RefuTea is to provide refugees with employment opportunities while integrating them into the culture of the U.S. workforce so that refugees will gain entrepreneurial skills to open their own businesses. Refugee's agricultural experience is used in the growing, processing, blending, and packaging of our locally grown teas. Our customers, who we classify as millennials, young professionals, and baby boomers can purchase these uniquely blended loose-leaf teas through our e-commerce website or at our combination greenhouse tea café. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of locally grown, prepared, and blended loose-leaf teas with a portion of our profits supporting local and global refugee efforts and needs. Our aim is to help Bhutanese farmers establish businesses of their own, allowing us to utilize their companies as future suppliers, which in turn benefits the community, the refugees, and RefuTea. To find out more, visit www.refuteashop.com.