The connection between reading confidence and writing ability is heavily supported by the broader framework of pedagogical research, allowing it to be applied to a context specific to the writing center environment. However, writing tutoring through writing center consultations often focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the writer, which treats writing as an individual, isolated process rather than as a process interconnected with the experience of reading. Specific to the Fredrick Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors, whose mission statement explicitly relies on the crafting of confident and self-sufficient writers, special focus should be placed on the importance of reading assistance. By analyzing writing theorists, education theorists, and writing center professionals, all who connect success in writing with confidence and success in reading, this paper will advocate for the stronger emphasis on reading tutoring within the writing center framework. This analysis points out the limitations in strictly focusing on writing improvement, and discloses the benefits of widening the scope of Grand Valley’s Fredrick Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Author’s practice to additionally emphasize reading tutoring.

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Reading in the Writing Center

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