Ghana, Child Mortality, Neonatal Mortality, Reflection


Arts and Humanities


The purpose of this study is to take a comprehensive look at neonatal mortality and apply it to personal experiences that occurred during clinical rotations in Ghana. Ghana is part of sub-Saharan Africa, which has the highest rates of neonatal mortality worldwide. The following study is an analysis of data, research articles, and a personal account of clinical experiences. Through analysis, this study gives a background to neonatal mortality’s significance and demographic both worldwide and specifically in Ghana. Following the background information, is a detailed look into the top three contributors of neonatal mortality worldwide. The top three contributors to neonatal mortality are birth injury and asphyxia, preterm birth, and infection. These contributors to neonatal mortality globally are also the top three reasons why neonates are dying in Ghana. The information and background provided about neonatal mortality is then applied to a personal account of clinical experiences in Ghana. It is concluded that there is a need for greater education, not only in Ghana, but worldwide, to lower neonatal mortality and save the preventable neonatal deaths that are occurring each year.