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Dr. Rachel Gates


Creators and artists involve themselves in the passion and process of art as a way to discover what it is to be human. Such a notion has been central to my experiences at Grand Valley, growing as a student, as a performer, and as an individual. This recital aims to address four primary feelings (love, sadness, longing, and passion) that remind each of us what it is to be human. The pieces featured in this recital will explore a range of interpretations based on each emotion, depicting the multi-faceted and personal experience of feeling. Every performer has a unique interpretation of what a composer and librettist attempt to convey through compositions. Each movement, dynamic change, and accent requires an intention and a purpose that is specifically designated by the performer. Because of the nature of performance, no two interpretations of a piece are the same. Typically, senior Music Education majors prepare a 30 minute “half” recital featuring four sets of languages (i.e.: Italian, French, German, and English) to conclude their studies in the department. Alternatively, I auditioned for and was granted Performance Honors, which requires a culminating recital 60 minutes in length. Not only does this program allow for an extended period of time with which to fully explore the nuances of each emotional category, but creative control is given over to the performer in order to create a unique and individualized recital that encapsulates the most important pieces and representations of their time at Grand Valley State University. I have a passion and a love for both music and theater, and felt that melding the two arts together in my final recital would allow me to demonstrate the technical aspects of my vocal performance with the meaningful interpretations of my theatrical performances, effectively paying homage to both music and theatre together.

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