iOS, Apple Watch, technology, safety, mobile application


Computer Sciences


Jonathan Engelsma


WorkoutBuddy is a proof of concept (POC) for an iPhone and Apple Watch application to improve safety during outdoor workouts by providing a virtual buddy system. To use the application, a user first sets their planned route for an outdoor workout using a map on their iPhone. Then, during the workout, the application uses the cell phone and GPS capability of the Apple Watch Series 3 to record location data, share it with the user’s iPhone, and check whether the user has stayed on their planned route. If the user goes off of their route, their phone sends a text message to a trusted friend to inform the friend that the user has left their route. The WorkoutBuddy project successfully proved that that all features for this application are feasible and that mechanisms exist to implement every feature. This project also provided valuable insight on how to grow this application in the future to make it a stable, secure, and user-friendly application for iPhone and Apple Watch users.