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Adrienne Wallace


For my Frederik Meijer Honors College Senior Project I created a blog website while completing my internship in Washington, D.C. this summer with Congressman Huizenga in the United States House of Representatives. I will published a total of 13 blogs with each of them being at least 800 words. I discuss my life as an intern in our nation’s capital, and the opportunities and events that have been presented to me while I was there for four months this summer. I used this blog as a guide while I was out there. I was able to tie my experiences into what was happening around me. I referred to my references, and added in original pictures, and quotes. This blog is mainly about my lifestyle, and how my experience as an intern in Washington, D.C. was.

The distinctiveness of effort I put forth is able to show others who also wish to intern in Washington, D.C. what it is like through the information I post onto my blog. I also used this as a tool to create a portfolio in the end so that I can show it to future employers about my experience and what I had learned. My main focus was for this to become not only a learning tool for potential interns but also as a completed project that will benefit me in my career after college. I wanted this blog to be able to show my experience, and allow viewers to feel like they are living my experience too.