Northern Ireland, The Troubles Conflict, Civil War Children, Academic Behavioral Psychological Consequences, Resilience


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Ellen Shupe


This paper examines the consequences of violent civil conflict for children, including academic inequality, increased behavior problems, and increased mental health disorders, as well as the interventions directly related. Focusing on The Troubles, a brief history of the conflict in Northern Ireland is presented along with theories about the causes, then the consequences of The Troubles are compared to the consequences of other civil conflicts. The interventions in Northern Ireland include integrated schools and housing, community programs revolved around open dialogues that encourage participation from both Catholic and Protestant members, and widely available mental health services. I conclude interventions like these with a largescale support from the government can be adapted to better serve everyone affected in Northern Ireland, or even be expanded to reduce tension in other parts of the world like the United States.

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