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Laura Marsh


The world of juvenile justice is a relatively new concept in today’s society dating back to the nineteenth century in comparison to the ancient structure of the criminal justice system. It is no wonder that the development of juvenile detention centers has been a slow process considering the late start to having modern research for this contemporary structure of a justice system for youth. While there are licensing standards for each juvenile detention facility to meet in order to continue having the beds to be occupied, there are unique ways that each facility can achieve that. The research focused on the state of Michigan including facilities from both the East and West side of the state. However, this does not mean that diversity was limited. Michigan is a state that has a plethora of diversity in regard to race, juvenile offenses, generational upbringings, and education. The purpose of this research is to explore the different routes that juvenile detention facilities are using to achieve goals, and if there are any patterns among juvenile these detention centers that may indicate a common shift in how the juvenile detention centers focus their goals.