ASL, American Sign Language, College of Health Professions, Modern Language, Language, Curriculum


American Sign Language | Medical Education | Modern Languages


Wil. A. Rankinen


This poster demonstrates the importance of including American Sign Language (ASL) into the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) College of Health Professions’ undergraduate curriculum. Exposing students to ASL in the classroom is beneficial to students, the health professions, and the community. In fact, several universities found ASL strengthened their liberal education and fostered an inclusive environment for their community. Previous research also supports the inclusion of ASL as a foreign language credit and curriculum requirement. A faculty interview from the College of Health Professions provides insight on ASL as a previous major at GVSU, circumstances of it being discontinued, and the potential of reincorporating it into future curricula. A College of Health Professions survey measures student interest and opinions on usefulness of ASL. By adding ASL classes as a certificate, minor, or curriculum requirement, the College of Health Professions would facilitate further compliance with GVSU’s policies and objective goal statements laid out in the strategic plan.