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Advertising and Promotion Management | Marketing


Linda Chamberlain


This campaign book is comprised of essential information for conducting a successful campaign for our client, Shoreline Orthopaedic located in Holland, Michigan. For the purpose of this campaign, both primary and secondary research were conducted in order to gain crucial information that would form Shoreline's marketing strategies, tactics, and objectives. Primary research was conducted in order to get a better understanding of the attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and needs of the patients at Shoreline. Secondary research was conducted to gain marketing information on other orthopedic practices, the best marketing strategies to implement in the digital world, and information about our target market. Results from both the primary and secondary research data allow us to identify various opportunities and problem areas, using a situational analysis format. From this, we were able to identify our problem statement, strategy, objectives, and tactics. The plan of action for Shoreline bridges the communication gap between Shoreline and their patients, by utilizing tactics based on patient and staff responses. The evaluation section allows Shoreline to make sure that the set objective is being met. This section also includes information on how to analyze this data by utilizing analytic programs, surveys, etc. The last portion of this campaign book is the appendix, which includes evidence of data that was gathered during the research process of the project.