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Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Nursing Midwifery


Kelli Damstra


Exploration of natural medicine has become increasingly common among individuals. With proper use, natural medicine can help treat many common ailments experienced during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. This paper serves to shed light on naturopathic medicinal techniques for expectant mothers and families, so that they may implement such in their own lives throughout pregnancy, during labor, and after birth. Yoga can be adapted and utilized during antenatal and postpartum periods to help with stress levels, depression, and physical health. Hypnosis, meditation, and hypnobirthing provide similar effects such as decreased stress and increased contentment; promoting a smoother and more effective labor and delivery process. Studies have found that leaving the cord unclamped after birth of the infant may provide benefits. Finally, maternal ingestion of the placenta might be useful in fighting depression and hemorrhaging, and promoting breastfeeding and involution.