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Matt Reid


It was not until her Junior year of college when she became a Peer Mentor for incoming freshman students, that Clara created a mini guide to GVSU's long list of resources for students. She prepared this guide for her mentees as initially what she called, "Things you'll want to use to survive college." Clara wanted to hand her mentees all of the resources she had learned in three years on day one. This list included various academic support resources, places to feel culturally accepted, and resources for non-traditional students. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from her mentees, peers, and supervisors, Clara was inspired to create a larger guide for all who felt underrepresented. She realized a common theme of students knowing that GVSU has a plethora of resources however students were overwhelmed by the amount of resources. Thus, this guide was created to help lead students in the right direction without feeling overwhelmed and to highlight some of the resources many student often miss.

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