Ghana, Health Care, Women, Prenatal Care, Infants, Nutrition


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Maternal and Child Health | Public Health


Deborah Lown


During pregnancy, factors such as maternal nutrition, location of delivery, the number of antenatal care visits, maternal age, and more can all impact the health of both the mother and the developing fetus. All of these factors are subject to change based on where the mother lives and the resources that her country has to offer her. The objective of this paper was to compare and contrast the nutritional and non-nutritional care of pregnant women in Ghana and the United States and its impact on maternal/child mortality in the two countries. The information collected for this project was taken from online databases, websites, and books as well as a reflection from the author’s experience in the Ghana Health Service. The results of this project conclude that the United States is more equipped to care for its pregnant women, though Ghana has also made significant improvements in its maternal care in the past few years.