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Kelli Damstra, DNP. MSN, RN


The focus of our project was to analyze the amount of children vaccinated in Grand Rapids Public Schools. After determining the percentage of vaccinated children, we planned to implement an intervention to promote vaccination education to parents in the Grand Rapids area as well as increase awareness of the detrimental complications of refusing vaccinations.

As one of the focuses of our project, we decided to create a set of pamphlets. We focused on two main vaccines: the MMR vaccine and the Influenza Vaccine. After we gathered information about the two different vaccines, we compiled this information into an organized manner on two separate brochures. Being that our population focused on the Grand Rapids Public Schools, we recognized that there was a large population of spanish speaking families. Since this was the case, we decided to translate both the Influenza Vaccine brochure and the MMR vaccine brochure into Spanish. We reached out to a medical employee who works at MED-1 Occupational Health Services, in which her first language was Spanish. This helped us to ensure that our translation pamphlets were both accurate and presented in a manner that would make sense to this specific population.