Stormwater management, public art, green infrastructure, stormwater art


Environmental Studies | Landscape Architecture


Peter Wampler


Although there are increasing efforts to improve stormwater management on the campuses of Grand Valley State University as an inhabitant of the Great Lakes region, there remains limited visibility and efforts for public awareness and cooperation with ecological restoration initiatives generally. The goal of this project is to describe the opportunity to implement functional art that promotes public awareness of sustainable water management practices. Methods included research into the public art of GVSU and the necessary methodology for future project execution. Various local contacts are also provided as resources for advice, connections, and funding opportunities. In this report, plans and guidelines for a future initiative to design and install stormwater art in conjunction with previously existing storm water management infrastructures are laid out.

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Executive Summary - Stormwater Art at GVSU.pdf (98 kB)
Executive Summary

Stormwater Art Presentation.pdf (2923 kB)
Stormwater Art Presentation

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Supplemental Files