gender, choir, education


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Gender Equity in Education | Music Education


Kody Wallace


In an age of growing diversity, it is essential for educators, both pre- and in-service, to seek out strategies that will assist them in creating a welcoming classroom environment for all learners. It is incumbent upon choral music teachers and community leaders to educate themselves in the diversity that presents itself in their classrooms in order to better service all students. In this study, twenty-five secondary music educators shared their awareness of gender expansive students in their choir classrooms and any strategies they have used to better service their singers. This study was conducted in order to assess which strategies recommended by varying studies are currently used to improve the experience of gender expansive students in the secondary choral classroom. Specifically, the researcher was interested in strategies used to find balance between the priority of vocal health and the alignment of a gender expansive student’s musical experience with their gender identity.