Oral biofilms, antibiotic resistance, dentistry, interactions, microbes, development, prevention


Medicine and Health Sciences


Dr. Aaron Baxter


Antibiotic resistance is a pressing concern that demands further action to reduce and develop new countermeasures. Antibiotic resistance impacts all fields of health and medicine, including dentistry. Many of the preventive and restorative dental procedures are due to a bacterial cause. Knowledge of oral biofilm development mechanisms and the interactions and relationships between oral microbiota is necessary to combat the spread of antibiotic resistance and develop more effective dental treatments. Exploring how the oral microbiomes and their treatments impact the health of the rest of the body is another important consideration since dentistry is part of the general healthcare system. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the various research related to these topics and put together a detailed report on the current knowledge on the relationship between oral microbiota, dentistry, and antibiotic resistance. This research will hopefully provide valuable insight and will better prepare those entering and in the dental field.