Criminology and Criminal Justice | Legal Studies


Adrian Copeland


More surrogacy contracts are fulfilled in the United States than in any other country (Bromfield, 2016, p. 193). In 2014, there were approximately 2,000 surrogacy arrangements in the U.S., yet the market is totally unregulated (Shellnutt and Grizzle, 2018, p. 31). Given that 1 in 6 American couples face infertility, there will continue to be a demand for alternative and assisted reproductive options (Shellnutt and Grizzle, 2018, p. 34). This paper seeks to explore several areas of surrogacy, including contract enforcement, potential problems parties in surrogacy agreements face, current legislation, the role of religion in surrogacy, and specific case studies. The culmination of these facets is a policy recommendation that the author feels is the best practice for future cases.