The Future of Dentistry, Business Model Canvas for Private Dental Practice, and Options for Dentists Post-Graduation


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Ryan Lafferty


Paul Lane


My Senior Honors Project at GVSU is centered around the options I will have in front of me once I graduate from dental school. First I researched what the future of dentistry will look like 10 years from now. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the dental field, creating better sanitation and procedural changes that will likely last forever. The second part of my project entailed the creation of a Business Model Canvas for owning a private dental practice. The final aspect of my project is a presentation of my potential plans of action. The powerpoint provides the steps for three possible routes after graduating from dental school. Additionally, there is a slide on ways to increase clientele, which is crucial to any new dentist.

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Business Model Canvas for Private Dental Practice.pdf (288 kB)

Potential Plans of Action for Dentists Post-Graduation.pdf (680 kB)
Potential Plans of Action for Dentists Post-Graduation

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