Health disparities, Palestine, Social Determinants of Health, Healthcare Conditions, Middle East, Healthcare Access, Occupation, Israel, Health Limitations COVID-19, Pandemic


Medical Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences


Heather Wallace


The occupation of Palestine by Israel has had a significant impact on the Palestinian citizens' health care services. The disparities were seen in maternal, infant, and child mortality rates, life expectancy, and measures of mental wellbeing. The health disparities are due to many factors involving economic conditions, food insecurity, environmental exposures, psychological trauma and stress, and access to health services most of which are directly or indirectly linked to the Israeli military occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt). This project explores the health indicators and examine the social determinants of health in the oPt that may be responsible for the health disparities and limitations to health care services in Palestine. Data was obtained from publicly available publications and websites of the World Health Organization, The World Bank, as well as reports from non-governmental organizations, research studies, and news articles.