EMS, Nursing, Fall Risk Screening, Community Health, Capstone, Older Adults


Joanne Finazzi


The project studied the implementation of nursing assessments in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system in order to decrease mortality in older adults. The use of fall risk screening tools on scene was the focus, as these tools can identify high-risk individuals and prevent falls and hospitalizations. A literature review, surveys and interviews with EMS providers confirmed the need for training in the use of these tools, and a training program was implemented. The results showed the potential for significant decrease in hospital admissions and mortality rates among older adults who utilize the EMS system for frequent falls, leading to a reduction in strain on the healthcare system. The study leaves room for further research into the implentation of such tools in the EMS system and the further bridging of the gap between pre-hospital and in-hospital medicine.

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Capstone Presentation