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The article describes a cross-cultural study comparing bicultural identity and bilingualism of first-generation Poles and high school students in the Rhône Alpes Region (France), high school students in Brussels (Belgium) as well as Polish university students of French language and culture in Poland. The study results portray the contrast between Polish students and three other groups acculturating abroad so that French identity appears stronger than Polish among the university students, and Polish identity stronger than French among the migrants. Secondly, acculturative context (home vs host country) is a moderator between Polish-French bilingualism and bicultural identity. Results are discussed in the context of studies on idealized identity, nostalgia and fluency in the second language being perceived as cultural capital.


We are extremely grateful to Paweł Boski, Mark Heumann and Joanna Kwiatowska for their valuable comments on this and the previous version of this paper.

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