The Abaco region of the northern Bahamas is developing its niche as a nature-based tourism destination with a wealth of natural and cultural attractions such as beaches, snorkel and dive sites, blue holes, cultural features, vibrant history, and colorful towns and artistry. Part of this effort is the development of the Abaco Trail, which will highlight regional attractions and link them together for visitors to follow on their own, fulfilling their own interests as their visit allows. In this study, the Tourism Opportunity Spectrum (TOS) was used to gather information to aid in the process of assembling tourism site conditions and function to assist this trail effort. TOS data was collected on ten sites in the Abacos and results show individual condition scores for each attribute on the TOS scale as well as estimated scores for each individual condition based on what changes may occur based on proposed changes at one site. Overall, results indicate that the site conditions in the Abacos fall into the more Primitive end of the spectrum, however proposed changes as one site would move site conditions well into the Urban end of the TOS.


Tourism Opportunity Spectrum, Tourism Planning, Bahamas Tourism