Dude-ranch vacations have been popular for a segment of travelers. Research in purchase motivation spans various sectors of the hospitality industry; however issues surrounding the dude-ranch industry remain unexplored. The objectives of the study were: (1) to examine the impact of push and pull factors of motivations on customer purchase intention in dude-ranch vacations, (2) to survey the sources of information behind purchase decision for dude ranch vacations. Factor analysis and regression analysis were used for data analysis. The results of the study indicated that pull factors significantly influenced purchase intention of dude ranch vacations more strongly than push factors. ‘Value for money’ and ‘Quality of food and beverage’ were the highest ranked attributes of pull factor; ‘To enjoy myself and make myself happy while relaxing’ was the highest push attribute. The primary source of information was the category of ‘Personal source’ which include ‘Family/Friend’ and ‘Social media’. This study contributes to the body of literature by extending the existing motivation research into a new area and offers insight for dude-ranch owners/operators that can assist in marketing and resource allocation decisions.


Dude-ranch vacation, push and pull factors, purchase intention, source of information