The ability to “provide almost unrestricted land travel” (Prideaux & Carson, 2003, p. 307) has made drive tourism popular for tourists. A considerable sub-sector of the drive tourism industry is that of the multi-billion-dollar recreational vehicle industry (RV). Minimal academic research has been conducted on this important sub-sector of the drive tourism industry. This study builds upon previous research towards a further understanding of the RV consumer. A grounded theory approach was used to drive the direction of the research for this study. Given the scope of the data and studies that have been done regarding RV industry, this study examines the extent that motivational factors vary amongst three distinct segments of travelers within the RV industry. This study adds to the academic body of knowledge through the expansion of motivational research into the RV industry while also exploring spending patterns and importance of various sources of information amongst consumers. The research will give the industry a deeper understanding of the needs of the varying target markets so they can better tailor the offerings to meet consumer demands.


drive tourism, grounded theory, recreational vehicle, motivation, source of information, spending patterns