VR, virtual reality, nursing, virtual clinical experience


Medical Education | Nursing


This paper describes the use of virtual reality (VR) as a method of measurement in nursing research. VR refers to the use of computerized displays to display a life-like environment in which the user interacts. Although many disciplines are beginning to use VR environments in research, nursing has yet to embrace this technology. Nursing, as a profession which values the interaction between the environment, individual, and health, can benefit from the use of VR in research. Establishing reliability and validity of the VR tool selected for research is important and requires special consideration. VR testing can produce side effects, such as vertigo and discomfort, which must be anticipated in the research protocol.

Original Citation

Davis, R. L. (2009). Exploring Possibilities: Virtual reality in nursing research. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice, 2(23), 133-147. DOI: 10.1891/1541-6577.23.2.133