Date of Award


Degree Name

Nursing (D.N.P.)


College of Nursing

First Advisor

Sandra Spoelstra

Second Advisor

Marie VanderKooi

Third Advisor

Nicole Wills, MSN, MBA, RN, NEA-BC

Fourth Advisor

Megan Parker, BSN, RN


Background: A standardized handover process is needed for stroke patients transferring from the Emergency Department to Interventional Radiology.

Local Problem: Emergency Department and Interventional Radiology had different handover processes.

Methods: A quality improvement project was conducted in a large Magnet® designated midwestern health system. Participants included emergency department and interventional radiology nurses and stroke patients. Pre/post-quality and post implementation measures were obtained.

Interventions: The interventions included utilizing a standardized handover tool between departments, calling report prior to patient transfer, and turning in handover tool following stroke case to ensure compliance. Two cycles of the Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle were completed.

Results: No decrease in emergency department to interventional radiology door time (p=1.00) occurred. There was an increase in emergency department (11%) and interventional radiology (16%) nurse satisfaction regarding the new handover process.

Conclusion: Nurse satisfaction improved. Another PDSA cycle needs to occur in order to decrease emergency department to interventional radiology door time.

Available for download on Monday, April 22, 2024