Date of Award


Degree Name

Nursing (D.N.P.)


College of Nursing

First Advisor

Dr. Marie VanderKooi, DNP, RN-BC

Second Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Coviak, PhD, RN, FNAP

Third Advisor

Robert Carlson, MD


Background: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a common diagnosis managed in the primary care setting. Patients with an uncontrolled state of the condition are most vulnerable to develop complications from the disease. Consequently, type 2 diabetes remains as the leading cause of end stage renal disease and nontraumatic limb amputations.

Objectives: To improve type 2 diabetes quality measures, improve documentation of quality measures, increase the continuity of care, and create a streamlined workflow and communication within an interdisciplinary team.

Methods: Quality improvement project to establish multifaceted management of type 2 diabetes. Data on the management of care was gathered pre-/post-implementation and compared.

Results: Multifaceted management of type 2 diabetes did not improve quality measures; however, an increase in documentation, communication, continuity of care, self-efficacy of care, staff satisfaction, financial incentives, and quality recognition was found.

Conclusions: Multifaceted management of type 2 diabetes can provide an increase in patient outcomes, quality measures, and existing workflows.

Implications: The use of a multifaceted management for type 2 diabetes can transcend all chronic conditions in the primary care setting. Further study is needed in multiple settings and applied to other chronic conditions.

Available for download on Sunday, May 01, 2022