Date of Award


Degree Name

Nursing (M.S.N.)


College of Nursing


Introduction: A CNL student-led process improvement process improvement project was proposed to help improve the accuracy of Heart Failure patient weights on a geriatric specialty unit. Cardiology voiced a preference for patients to be weighed using electronic standing scales rather than in-bed scales to improve accuracy. A literature review revealed that in-bed scale weights were less accurate due to inconsistencies in zeroing the bed prior to obtaining the weight, not removing excess patient care equipment and bed linens, and not ensuring that the patient was wearing a minimal amount of clothing.

Methods: Electronic standing scales were purchased, current practice state was determined via staff practice observation, and a staff education module was developed.

Results: The results of this project were not obtained due to COVID-19. Further action to optimize heart failure patient health, decrease heart failure readmission rates, and improve hospital reimbursement through more accurate weights is warranted.

Conclusion: Preliminary evidence showed that in-bed scales were not as accurate as electronic standing scales. Accurate weights are necessary to optimize diuretic treatment for heart failure patients. Standardized processes for obtaining weights and auditing compliance is needed.