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Nursing (M.S.N.)


College of Nursing

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Tricia Thomas

Second Advisor

Sylvia Simons


This paper provides a complete microsystem assessment of a pediatric unit. The assessment includes identification of a process problem with infant safe sleep practice in the hospital setting. The paper explores six different published articles regarding clinical practice guidelines, best practices, and evidence-based interventions. The literature review indicates agreement amongst various authors following infant safe sleep guidelines in the hospital setting. The literature review also indicates that caregiver role modeling while in the hospital setting is the most influential component that affects parents’ practices upon return to the home setting. The clinical project will include baseline needs assessments of both bedside caregivers in the hospital setting and parents, then coaching sessions with bedside caregivers will occur. Baseline safe sleep audit data will also be collected. Concurrently, a product analysis will take place to address the identified barrier of storage space. A cost benefit analysis will show that the crib pockets would save the health system money, and possibly save an infant’s life. A post assessment will occur to measure effectiveness of coaching sessions. Safe sleep audit data will be graphed to indicate effectiveness of the interventions.

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