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The Chair of White Roses

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Aaron Maxey is in 12th grade at Michigan Connections Academy. His short story “The Chair of White Roses” was meant to capture the effects of war and PTSD in a poetic and authentic way. Currently, he’s planning on writing more short stories that combine poetry and story to create emotional tales that convey wisdoms of life in an engaging and unique way. His stories are sort of like fictional memoirs. By March 2022, he plans to have written ten more short stories, each one telling a different tale of grief, loss, wisdom, and experience. He plans on publishing the stories when he turns eighteen in March. For publishing, he will most likely pursue a form of self-publishing, but publishing plans are still very flexible for him. As a future career, he will pursue some form of authorship in writing, possibly do part-time photography, and work in some form of farming or outdoor labor as an extra.

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