Works in this series are the final written component of the GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program within the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship at Grand Valley State University.

The GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program provides students with the opportunity to have an intensive research experience using the library’s resources and collections. Mentored by a librarian faculty mentor, the scholar will develop a project that will enhance their library knowledge and skills while contributing to the library and engaging in a disciplinary, scholarly conversation. For more information about this program and how to apply please visit the GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program website.

For GVSU Students
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    • Note: The Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship provides support for undergraduates to pursue the research and creative practice through multiple scholarship programs. These can be found as separate series in the Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice collection.


Submissions from 2022


Research Guide for Rosseau, Burke, and Revolution in France 1791, Simon Kailing

Submissions from 2021


A Guide to Performing Historical Contextualization, Ryan Iacovone

Submissions from 2019


Open Access for All: Uniting a University Community, Erin McIntosh