First Advisor

Matt Ruen

Second Advisor

Jon Jeffryes


Open Access is not just the distribution of journal articles and scholarly information that’s free of barriers. It’s an issue of income inequality, paywalls, supplemental course material, and research impact beyond the university. Open Access has not been thoroughly discussed throughout all members of the university. This project takes a look at the conversations going on at the university levels through the perspectives of students, teaching faculty, and library faculty. Through this research, it became apparent that the value of Open Access advocacy is multifaceted, interdisciplinary and benefits from advocacy across all levels of the university. This essay is broken up into two sections. The first is a collection of talking points, used for advocacy across audiences, while the second is an analysis of those points using scholarly articles. These advocacy points are to be used to facilitate conversation throughout members of the university to promote Open Access policy.


open access, open educational resources, student advocates, campus community, inclusion and equity


Education | Higher Education | Library and Information Science | Scholarly Communication