Women, Leadership, Environmentalism, Gender


Liberal Studies


This paper discusses what would be the best organizational management model that could help to attain and promote corporate social responsibility. Research has been assessed on the themes of gender differences (men vs women), leadership styles (including men leaders vs. women leaders), sustainability, corporate social responsibility (including the managerial position), the importance of stakeholders (internal and external), and a combination of these subjects. Stereotypical attitudes are discussed on leadership differences between men and women within this paper. Another area of the research emphasized the importance of stakeholders linked with organizations as well as how internal and external stakeholders have significance to a CEO depending on the gender. Another interesting part uncovered in the research, dealing with the subject of gender is with the Board of Directors. The gender of a Board member as well as a diverse board can play a key role in support for the initiatives of corporate social responsibility. Finally, the level of diversity of the top management team is an additional element for corporate social responsibility reaching an organization’s prospective goals.

This interdisciplinary paper will help organizations to develop a strategy for the start and/or expansion of corporate social responsibility by knowing which key players to have in place within the organization. This management model can encourage sustainability initiatives. My research used the combined findings to create a resolution on the corporate structure and culture. When these pieces are in place, it could be the optimal plan to use for the advancement of corporate social responsibility. A leader with transformational or dual leadership characteristics with the ability to be flexible with their management style, a gender equality management team of both male and female or a female CEO to head the organization, and a diverse top management team and Board of Directors with female interlinked board members is the structure to have in place for the support. A bonus to the diverse top management team would be a female Corporate Social Responsibility Officer to increase the focus of the organization’s goals.