Liberal Studies


Personal accounts addressing real-life experiences are a testament to humanity, and allow future generations to act and improve upon them. Currently, large cities are facing malnutrition and are often labeled “food deserts” (Walker et al., 2012). While restaurants and convenient stores are bountiful in large cities, the variety of food they offer is not. Access of West Michigan is an organization providing workshops, simulations, and programs to educate the general public on the importance of health and nutrition. In the present paper, we address the challenge to further educate and inspire community members to get involved and allow Access to provide to those who need it, the access to healthy, nutritious food. A montage of testimonies from participants or staff members alike will demonstrate Access of West Michigan’s successful aid, as well as a glimpse of real, true-life experiences of fellow community members. Future consideration should further implement the goal of said testimonies by conducting live interviews or hosting a poverty simulation at a local institution.


Lib 342 - Food Matters