Liberal Studies


This Innovation Portfolio is designed to walk the reader through the essential steps our team took to address the issue of the under-utilization of the Meijer Holland Campus in the fall of 2016. As a satellite campus of Grand Valley State University, the Meijer Holland Campus seeks to engage its local community in a more sustained and in-depth way. This brief begins by introducing the reader to the historical and situational context of the Holland campus, followed by a map displaying the stakeholders involved. Through talking with a number of those stakeholders, we gained valuable insights that were grouped together to reveal key themes which were then leveraged in the process of generating our top five innovations. At the final symposium presentation, we delivered our final innovation: Sprout, a Sustainability and Agriculture Bastion. Collaborator debriefs, interviews and secondary research are also included here and were all additional stepping stones that assisted us in our innovation process.


LIB 323 / HON 313 - Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs