The H.I.V.E


Liberal Studies


Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers, deep thinkers, and problem solvers alike to brainstorm solutions for issues big and small. To truly embrace the methodology and achieve great results, users must dive into the problem they are solving with an open mind and desire for change. This compilation walks through our group’s semester long journey of solving one problem: What is the role of a satellite campus in a community? We were able to apply this question to the Grand Valley State University Meijer campus located in Holland, Michigan. This process yields a variety of results that are unimaginable at the beginning stages. Through defining, empathizing, re-defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing, Team 3 was able to come up with the idea for the H.I.V.E., The Hub for Innovation and Valued Entrepreneurship, to be implemented at the Meijer Campus in Holland. It is our hope that this compilation will provide inspiration to anyone preparing to undertake the challenge of finding solutions to wicked problems in our world through Design Thinking.


LIB 323 / HON 313 - Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs