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Grand Valley State University’s Sustainable Agriculture Project – often abbreviated to the SAP – grows a wide variety of produce while teaching students about environmental and social issues surrounding food. However, the GVSU student body is generally unaware of the SAP’s purpose or existence. In addition, the food being grown at the SAP does not always end up in the hands of students, while at the same time many students have difficulties affording healthy foods. We sought to find a solution to all of these problems. Through multiple brainstorming processes and consultations with various stakeholders, we were able to create the structure for a workshare program, which would allow students to work at the SAP in exchange for food each week. We finalized an official workshare application and multiple advertising materials. While we are faced with some limitations for this work, such as the implementation of the workshare program being dependent on the SAP team, our hope and mission is that our material is strong and thorough so that this workshare may create a positive change for years to come. Future work to be considered includes posting the advertising materials and adapting the program as it continues to grow.


Lib 342 - Food Matters

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